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==>Yuka: Dream about how brave your Big brother is.

Obviously, you know your brother is super brave, and you know he’ll protect you from anything.
He’s just like your knight in shining armor…except he’s your brother.
And you wouldn’t tell him that.
Anyway, didn’t you really need to use the bathroom now?
==>Yuka: Stop dreaming about your brother and go find your brother….and maybe a toliet!

Here you go, you guys! Here’s a Yuka panel!!

Obviously, this one fits her alot, seeing with her Brother complex XD

um anyway…submit things for Corpse party!stuck, ask any questions, or give opinions on what should I do! :’D

that’s all for now!~

‎==>Mayu: Attempt at kicking some ass!!
You see no point in it, but hey! You don’t want to stay in this school any longer!

Again, another panel has been made!

And yes, this panel, Mayu will be in the story more than she was in the original. Although…her death is going to remain the same.

u - u I’m preferably proud of this one because it kind of cheered me up. plus Mayu’s very adorable too!!

I’m making more panels as I go on! Please enjoy this!~

As promised here’s a panel for you guys!!! :D

==>Naomi: Sense a strange tension in the air
You turn around to see that there are three children ghosts. Oh god, you need to run. Even if you don’t want to leave Seiko’s dead body behind, You are sure as hell that you don’t want to be killed by the ghosts.
You’ll have to take Seiko’s body with you later on.
==>Run out the bathroom stalls to downstairs.

ghosts are Tokiko, Ryou, and Yuki by the way….hairstyles are shown on the ghosts u w u

As I have promised, I’ll be working on panels for this AU. 

Request, submit or ask any questions! opinions are openly suggested as well so that this Fanadventure will go smoothly :3

Current(New!) God-tiers/aspects for Players

These are the god-tiers we have in mind this time

with a friend’s help(and some suggestions in the ask box! :D) this is what we have!

God-tier’s of the players of the sessions:

*Players who have been in session for a long time

Satoshi: Knight of Breath

Yuka:Slyph of Life

Seiko: Rouge of Light

Naomi:Witch of Heart

Morishige: Bard of Doom

Ayumi: Slyph of Hope

Yoshiki: Thief of Time

Mayu: Muse of Heart

Kizami: Knight of Rage

*Sachiko: Witch of Rage

*Naho: Seer of Doom

Some have changed, while most haven’t. Opinions are good whether or not these god-tiers are fine this time!
In another case, I will be editing Sachiko’s God-tier, and will be working on a few panels for this AU.

Current W.I.P sessions for the AU

While a friend and I are working on how to fix some of the god-tiers, i will show you the current W.I.P sessions! Tell me what you think!

some of the sessions are based off how the dimensions they were in u w u some are slightly changed 

here we go!

Satoshi and Yuka.

Ayumi and Yoshiki

Morishige and Mayu(despite that she dies in Ayumi and Yoshiki’s dimension, im putting these two together i suppose…??)

Naomi and Seiko

Naho was in a session with Sayaka, Kibiki and Taguchi but Sayaka died and Kibiki died from Naho’s hands. Then Naho died in her session but haunts different sessions??

Kizami is in the same session as Yuka and Satoshi, until Naho switches Satoshi out of his session to Naomi’s session.

Currently in the works, I would like some opinions u w u


Current roles/god-tiers for the Corpse Party!stuck

If you plan to make fanart/sprites/panels for this, please submit to me! :D


*=Players who have been playing for a long time.

Satoshi:Knight of Life
Yuka: Maid of Heart 
Naomi:Maid of Light 
Seiko:Rouge of Light 
Ayumi: Witch of Rage 
Yoshiki: Knight of Doom
Mayu: Maid of Hope 
Morishige: Mage of Light 

*Sachiko: Witch of Blood 

*Naho: Seer of Doom

Guardians for Corpse Party!stuck:


Ghost sprites for Corpse Party!stuck:




Your name is SEIKO SHINOHARA and after being brought to your death by BEING HUNG, you were brought to your Tier bed.



Another sprite done!

this one actually looks like Seiko???? Well it is supposed to be Seiko…

Um otherwise, yes. After she gets hung, somebody(it’s kind of obvious?) will bring her to the tier bed in HVNLY(like Sburb for Homestuck, HVNLY is the game for this AU)


Next is going to be either Naomi or Naho???

I shall post the list of God-tiers here soon = w =b

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